Are you looking for a unique gift for a friend, family member or coworker?  
Consider a Gift Certificate for 2-5 different meals consisting of 2-6 servings each.
Arrangements can be made to include the price groceries so all the recipient has to do is sit back and enjoy a home filled with wonderful smells and a refrigerator filled with delicious food!

Think of all the people on your gift giving list who fits into the one of the categories below.  (Maybe it’s you!)

•    People who don’t like to cook or never learned how
•    Busy working parents who don’t have time to cook the kind of meals they want to provide for their family
•    Singles who don’t want to be bothered with cooking a whole meal for just one person
•    New Parents busy with the demands of a larger family
•    The elderly as well as those with disabilities that don't allow them to shop and prepare  a full meal
•    Those recovering from surgery or illness
•    Anyone who wants to save money from too much dining out
•    Anyone on a weight loss plan or special diet who is not sure how to prepare healthy meals that actually tastes good!
•    Everyone who is just plain tired of drive-thru sandwiches, Pizza deliveries and crowded overpriced restaurants
•    Anyone who is just plain tired at the end of a long day and wants to enjoy a good home cooked meal that THEY didn’t have to prepare!

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