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Sample Menu Selections

Let It’s All Good Personal Chef Service do the cooking!
By allowing me to use local sales ads to plan your
weekly menu ,you can serve your family of 4 these 5 meals for
approximately $58.00 in grocery cost.


    Beef Stew

With Buttermilk Biscuits

    Marinated Chicken Tenders
    Wild Rice
    Roasted Green Beans


Zucchini Stuffed Pork
    Pasta Alfredo
     Honey Glazed Carrots

 Pineapple  Chicken with Peppers and Rice

   Pork & Gravy over fresh pasta
    Seasoned Green Beans

These are just a few of the menu choices available at It's All Good Personal Chef Service

Please contact me for a full list

Nutritional information for all items available upon request

*This is just a sample of what we have to offer. We have over 175  Entrees,  Side Dishes and Goodies available. 
Visit my blog to see some of my favorite recipes.